Realtime Analytics & Dashboards

Share actionable insights with enhanced business intelligence reporting

Forget about traditional static reports that are out of date by the time they reach your desk. AstuteOne can help you create a better reporting system to guide your overall business intelligence strategy and deliver meaningful insights that provide real value to your employees, customers, and partners. Online dashboards, accessible anywhere from desktop and mobile devices, can give your management team access to real-time, secure performance information to help make better and quicker decisions.

AstuteOne’s preferred decision making and analysis solution is SAP Analytics Cloud. With Analytics Cloud, AstuteOne helps companies improve business decision-making by enabling them to perform better planning with what-if analysis, forecast growth and sales with predictive analytics, and understand the current state of your company with business intelligence. The best part is that all of these capabilities are available from a single partner and a single solution.

Mobile Analytics from AstuteOne
SAP Analytics Cloud is designed for a variety of uses from presidents and CEOs to all your business users. Designed and built from the ground up, it provides the real-time, relevant, and data-based insights you need. That’s why 250,000 small to midsize companies like yours choose SAP. It’s technology you’ll never outgrow, no matter where your business takes you.