Significance of SAP Analytics Cloud in the Digital World


“Real-Time Access to Critical Data Anytime, Anywhere”

AstuteOne can assist you in fetching critical data using SAP Analytics Cloud. Through this platform, your business users would be able to gather relevant information and insights instantly using a connected device before taking a sound decision or action from anywhere. Empowering your business users with SAP Analytics Cloud would mean that you are enhancing you organization’s responsiveness and productivity.

Being capable of gaining insights from massive data lets you make decisions regarding complicated business issues much faster. The dedicated experts at AstuteOne would help you turn these vital insights into action, and action into concrete results. The time spent on business planning and analysis gets reduced and the tasks are also simplified when you analyze data in real time and coordinate with your team members regarding your plans. Leverage the professional and dedicated services of our team to jump on the BPC (SAP Business Planning and Consolidation Software) bandwagon for your next budget cycle!

Understanding SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud thrives on its planning prowess. Apart from its immense strength in terms of planning, the solution has other capabilities like analytics, reporting, and integrated predictive features that are convenient for business planners and professionals dealing in finance and analysis.

A large number of planning capabilities are upgraded or added bi-weekly to SAP Analytics Cloud that helps users in analyzing, planning, and making crucial decisions instantly. The latest launch of Waves 8-11 has certainly helped in increasing the number of features that would place SAP Analytics Cloud in a strong position to be one single decision-making platform that has business planning, business intelligence (BI), and predictive analytics assembled under an uncomplicated cloud.

Enhanced Power for Planners

To boost the planning power of a user, a new feature is added to the grid or table component, which is used in SAP Analytics Cloud Stories. This grid has many shortcuts that are available in Microsoft® Excel. The fresh custom rows and columns let a planner add more data to the grid easily by employing formulas similar to the ones in Microsoft® Excel. It is also possible for users to create customized formulas based on the data present in the grid. The custom cells support in-cell charts; so, IBCS (International Business Communication Standards) – compliant variance reports can be created in just a few seconds.

Advantages of SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • A solo platform where all your data sources get merged into a single, light-footprint solution, which becomes a single tool for discovery, visualization, planning, and forecasting.
  • The new platform supports real workflow and team work.
  • Trustworthy and built indigenously on SAP HANA Cloud.
  • Fast launch along with subscription-based cloud model.
  • Native integrations with data sources and on-premise applications allow one to go live faster.