SAP Global Trade Services (GTS)

Global Trade Services Software

To control costs, reduce the chances of fines and penalties, and to clear customs faster, automate and streamline trade processes in order to increase your cross-border supply chain. You can unify global trade management for all compliance master data and content through a single repository.

  • On-premise and cloud implementation
  • Extensive import and export management
  • Management of Customs procedures and free-trade agreements
  • Broker communication and self-filling

Top Benefits

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Improve efficiency

Improves productivity by automating long manual tasks intended for global trade management and compliance.

Reduce risk

Authenticate orders over compliance regulations to minimize fines and penalties.

Accelerate the supply chain

Accelerates supply chain processes through real-time compliance checks.

Key Capabilities


Sanctioned party list (SPL) screening

Guarantees proper screening of restricted parties that carries online process blocking and release.

Export management

Administers export compliance, systematic outbound trade and finance, uninterrupted filing capacities to customs services.

Import management

Smooth-running imports with advanced features; self-filing, security import filling, and duty calculation.

Trade preference

Maximizes free trade agreement implemented with inclined determination and declaration-handling for potential clients and customers.

Accelerated application-data analysis

SAP S/4 HANA includes tools based on high-end technology, especially for data modeling, security and lifecycle management. Making SAP S/4 Hana the ideal database for SAP Global Trade Services.

Support for special customs procedures

Reach customs requirements for inward and outward processing, foreign trade zones, warehousing, Intrastat, and the Excise Movement and Control Systems (EMCS).

Associated Technology


Centralize trade management data

Developing a single repository for global trade information, containing classification, compliance and master data.

Use customs interfaces

Access to over 25 certified customs interfaces around the world. covering import, export, or intrastate reporting.

Leverage advanced reporting tools

Carrying accurate insights accompanied by innovative tools based on SAP BW/4HANA.


Take advantage of flexible deployment options

Runs SAP Global Trade Services and Tinstall through a standard database. Specifically built on SAP HANA, and bordering SAP S/4HANA.

Integrate with enterprise systems

Aided from standard integration to SAP solutions, as well as bridging to non-SAP software.

Harness next-generation search capabilities

Develop screening performance together with search capacities established by SAP HANA or text retrieval and information extraction.

Product Release Highlights

Maximizing up-to-date technologies and innovation.
Discover more about new innovations released by the latest SAP Global Trade Services.

Costs and Packaging

Licensing and purchasing

Begin your company with licenses and packages to connect more users and improve functionalities as your demands expand and develop over time. SAP Global Trade Services is open for operation on premise or in the cloud. If based on premise, the service will include a perpetual license.

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