Astute Finance

Astute Finance is a financial planning and performance management system designed specifically for mid-market enterprise firms that need easy-to-deploy tools that consolidate and manage enterprise budgets and performance against plans. It delivers quick models for financial planning, consolidation of multiple business and departmental budget plans, and interactive reporting and analytics available through anywhere, anytime access executive dashboards. Easy-access performance dashboards offer executives a tool for on-demand insights to manage operational performance and enable quick, efficient decision making

AstuteFinance offers CFO’s, financial executives and business managers the benefit of:

  • Rapid results and insights, meaning a faster ROI with the benefit of shorter implementation times and native integration with SAP and zero infrastructure by leveraging cloud technologies.
  • Drive business performance more effectively by unifying financial and operational planning and performance management.


  • Deploy on a Server (On-Premise / Hosted Product)
  • Integrates with S/4HANA and SAP Cloud solutions using standard SAP approved interfaces and API(s)
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Access all data and embed analytics to turn business insights into quick actions.
  • Astute Finance applications are integrated with S/4HANA and SAP Cloud Analytics to provide valuable insights and turn it into dynamic actions.

Operations and Support

  • Provides SAP App Center recommended Service Levels
  • Follows SAP App Center recommended Data Lifecycle management & data destruction guidelines
  • Includes SAP App Center recommended support levels & turn-arounds
  • Offers High Availability & Disaster Recovery
  • Service Levels >99.5%


  • All communication channels are encrypted
  • Free of operating system, SQL injection, memory corruption or information leaks vulnerabilities
  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDL) is followed
  • Secured system with configurable authentication policies


Manage finance and capital effectively while ensuring business continuity and controls for the acceleration of remote work.

Integrated Planning

Astute Finance an Integrated Planning application based on SAP S/4HANA or any ERP/DB, on Fiori 2.0 – to provide ready-made, effective and efficient business planning solutions for mid-market and enterprise customers.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Use what-if modeling and scenario planning to assess budget suitability in real time. You can also build forecast models and quickly update and adjust forecasts as needed.

Pre-configured Models, Reporting and Dashboards

Turn complex planning processes to simple Implementations by our readily deployed planning models and innovative planning applications. Our solutions come with the prebuilt end to end planning applications that are integrated with latest reporting dashboards.

HR Salary Planning

Design salary and benefit grids based on paygrades and location. Enter costs per Paygrade and Location, Employee/FTE assignment and Overall cost calculation.

Expense Planning

Track Operating Expenses by cost center for month, quarter and year. Rolling forecast of plan and actual values and Integrated Financial Planning and Analysis for S/4HANA.